Uber's Helicopter Service Returns to Cannes

UberCOPTER - UBER- Publicity-H 2017
Courtesy of Uber

The bow ties are gone, but UberCOPTER is back.

Transportation giant Uber is offering its helicopter service once again during the festival this year, following successful outings the past two years after launching in 2015.

The service, dubbed UberCOPTER, actually kicks off prior to start of the Cannes Film Festival, the first week of May, but "the big noise" will come May 17 when the first film is shown, according to a rep for Uber.

The partnership with Azur Helicoptere saw 650 rides in 2015, followed by a significant uptick in 2016 with more than 1,000 rides purchased. "We hope for more than that (this year)," added the rep. Despite the rise in demand, the price remains the same: 160 euros ($175) for a one-way trip. That fee does not include luggage, however, which costs 50 euros ($54) more.

The rep confirmed that Uber's bow tie service — UberPAPILLON (a French word for both "bow tie" and "butterfly") — has been grounded. It launched in 2016 in partnership with French accessories brand Cinabre and must not have, well, taken off.