Veteran Manager Due in Court Following Wild 90210 Arrest

Joanne Horowitz
Credit: Robin Platzer/Courtesy of Subject

Word is spreading of manager Joanne Horowitz's dramatic arrest in Beverly Hills following a Page Six story and a court date set for Feb. 18.

A video on YouTube, which has racked up more than 76,000 views so far, shows Horowitz — best known as the onetime manager for Kevin Spacey and Scott Eastwood, and for being a passionate animal rights activist — behind the wheel of her car, which is stuck in the middle of a Donald Trump rally. Protesters surround the car and begin filming her while she interacts with a police officer. Suddenly, Horowitz, 68, drives away and is pursued shortly thereafter by the same officer. After stopping briefly, she drives off again, only to be pulled over by multiple police officers.

A source indicated that Horowitz was afraid for her safety and the wellbeing of her animals, and wanted to move her vehicle to a more secure location free of crowds in order to have a peaceful conversation with police. However, the situation turned into a full-blown scene when more than a dozen officers and protestors swarming her car, some carrying flags in support of police officers and Trump, as they chant, “Lock her up.”

Per the police report obtained by THR: “As the officer was contacting the driver a second time, she remained uncooperative, turned her steering wheel toward the officer and fled in her vehicle, causing the officer to have to jump out of the way to avoid being struck.” Horowitz was arrested and charged with evading a police officer, reckless driving, assault with a deadly weapon and resist or obstruction of a police officer.

“At the time of the incident, Ms. Horowitz was under extreme duress as she was being accosted by a maskless sheriff and surrounded by angry protesters who were attacking her vehicle screaming ‘lock her up’ as well as anti-Semitic remarks," Horowitz's attorney, Shane Bernard, tells THR. "Although we believe this matter should be dismissed, Ms. Horowitz will be pleading not guilty, and she looks forward to proving her innocence when she has her day in court.”

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