Warren Beatty Rushes to Assist Man Who Fainted at Screening of His New Movie

RULES DON’T APPLY - Warren Beatty - Still 1 -H 2016
Francois Duhamel/Twentieth Century Fox

The debut of Warren Beatty's Rules Don't Apply was met with a medical emergency.

About 10 minutes into the Oct. 13 screening on the 20th Century Fox lot, a man began to exit after apparently feeling faint then fell in the aisle. "He was moaning and groaning," says a source, adding guests shouted for a doctor and some wanted to halt the screening.

The show went on, but Beatty himself was among those who jumped out of their seats to assist the man. "The film was not stopped. A few people got up, including Warren, and some other guy was leaning over the guy, about to perform CPR. Security came over, people seated in the back were squirming in their seats, trying to see what was going on," says the source, who added that security called 911. "The guy finally composed himself, was helped up and escorted out."

A source close to the film didn't reveal the man's identity but did confirm that the man was "fine" following the health scare.

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