West Hollywood Rowing Fitness Studio Lines Up Investors Kevin Hart, Russell Westbrook (Exclusive)

Kevin Hart, Russell Westbrook and Patrick Schwarzenegger- Getty - Split - H 2019
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Rowing fitness studio Health House has assembled its first round of funding and announced a roster of A-list investors: Kevin Hart, Russell Westbrook, Odell Beckham Jr., the Chainsmokers, Denise and Katie Austin, Winklevoss Capital, Soma Capital, Sinai Ventures, Steve Lewis, Nate Checketts, John Terzian and James Maslow. 

Led by co-founders Jon Knopke, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Bobby Maylack and Lorenzo Esparza, the company recently opened its first Los Angeles studio located on West Knoll Drive in West Hollywood. Founded in 2013 in Kansas City, Health House has been dedicated to a combination of rowing and strength training for a full-body workout. Said Knopke: "With our West Hollywood flagship, we've built a space where people can take meetings, have a meal and meet likeminded people, aside from just their workout. Community is at the heart of Health House and we've focused on every detail to bring it together."

Those details include a curated environment with visual centerpieces, smoothies and other food options, leader boards and games. It's the results produced by a rowing workout that drew Schwarzenegger in. “I’ve always been obsessed with fitness," said the actor, model and activist who recently shared spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about his investment portfolio, which also includes companies like Liquid I.V. "As I’ve gotten older and busier, I’ve tried to find the best way to get an extremely hard work out in a short period of time. Everything I tried kept hurting my body. Health House has helped merge low impact and high calorie burn."

Adds Westbrook: “I’ve always been passionate about fitness and was blown away by the Health House team and the training model. I couldn’t be happier to be involved and help bring it to Los Angeles.”

Aside from having the boldfaced name investors from the worlds of entertainment and sports, Health House surely gets a boost by having Winklevoss Capital founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. Though perhaps best known for their involvement in Facebook and Bitcoin, the twin brothers also rose to fame as Olympic rowers who competed in the Beijing Olympics. “As former Olympic athletes," explains Tyler, "Cameron and I have been passionate about the sport of rowing for over two decades. Rowing is truly the best all-around workout out there. We invested in Health House because it provides an incredible workout with fun, competitive aspects, led by a world class team."

Financial details of the investments were not disclosed.