What Hollywood Insiders Would Ask Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton at the Debate

From tax returns and foreign policy to parenting tips and marijuana, industry insiders dish to THR about issues they hope Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump are asked about.
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Elizabeth Banks, William H. Macy, Jay Pharaoh

Tonight's presidential debate — the first face-off between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican rival Donald Trump — is expected to draw near-Super Bowl-sized ratings. And many of those viewers will be tuning in to hear what questions moderator Lester Holt asks of the nominees. While the entire world waits in anticipation, The Hollywood Reporter pressed a few industry insiders on what they would like to see on Holt's "must ask" card. 

Elizabeth Banks: "I want to know how the candidates think they will be able to deal with the gridlock in Congress. That’s what I’m interested in. There hasn't been enough compromise on either side and it's gone to this really ideological place. Leaders have forgotten that these are everyday people with everyday problems. Can we start solving things already? I’d like to know how they feel they can address that. … I also want to know where the tax returns are. Where are the tax returns?"

William H. Macy: "Maybe it’s the Frank Gallagher in me [his character on Showtime's Shameless] but I would want to ask them what they think about legalizing marijuana. And I would keep poking at them to embarrass them. I would say to Hillary, ‘Seriously, never? You never got stoned? How could that be?’ I’m not sure I would want a president who has never been stoned. I don’t know if that’s safe. With Trump, all you have to do is wind him up and we’d get something funny out of him."

Jay Pharoah: "I want to know who is going to do their hair — that's what I want to know."

Tony Hale: "I’m tired of hearing about issues people bring up just to cause tension. The whole email stuff with Hillary — let’s move on. It’s a rehash of what is always in the press. It’s like, guys, let’s get to the issues."

Dana Brunetti (producer, Relativity president): "They should be asked how did it end up just being the two of them out of the 300 million people in the United States. How did we end up with these two?"

David Hollander (show runner, Ray Donovan): "I want to know their parenting tips."

Lesli Linka Glatter (director, Homeland): "I would like to hear about real policy issues. Let's get down to how they both would deal with education to foreign policy issues."