Why a Top Hollywood Agent Vacationed on David Copperfield's Island With Judge Judy

ICM Partners' Toni Howard was also joined by Sherry Lansing and Bob Arum on the private isle, where they enjoyed awards screeners of 'The Hateful Eight' and 'The Revenant.'
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Toni Howard

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The last big outing Toni Howard took didn't end so well for her right arm. The veteran ICM Partners agent fractured her humerus in mid-May when she fell while on holiday in Marseille, France, with longtime friends Sherry Lansing and husband William Friedkin, Judge Judy Sheindlin and husband Jerry Sheindlin, and her own husband, David Yarnell.

But in late December, no such incidents dogged the group — who were joined by fight promoter Bob Arum and wife Lovee Arum — as they headed south for a VIP vacation on David Copperfield's island, Musha Cay, in the Bahamas. The eight travelers took over the island (only 24 guests can enjoy the resort at any one time) at the suggestion of the Sheindlins, who previously had stayed there.

Howard confirms the trip to THR, adding that they took their awards-season screeners to watch at the outdoor cinema dubbed Dave's Drive-In. "Fascinating to see The Hateful Eight and The Revenant outside," says Howard, before applauding the aquatic skills of her fellow vacationer: "Sherry is an amaz­ing swimmer."

Another major bonus on the trip, which included up close and personal encounters with island attractions like tortoises, toucans and a pool table, was the ice cream.

"The Good Humor truck was also fabulous," Howard notes.