Why Amy Poehler Utilized Lipstick-Marked Glasses for 'Wine Country'

Ana Gasteyer — one of the handful of comedically talented close pals and onetime Saturday Night Live co-stars recruited for Amy Poehler's directorial debut Wine Country — bragged to Rambling Reporter about the often-unsung heroes on film sets: the prop crew.

“I’m fascinated by all of the math that people have to do on movie sets for continuity. There was the giant table that was taped off in a grid and each castmember had a number so they could track exactly how much of that faux wine [was in each glass] per scene and which one has the lipstick glass,” recalls Gasteyer of the Napa Valley shoot. “It was all being tracked so they could keep it at the same level.”

It was an exhausting chore, Gasteyer notes, but comparable to the organized director. “Amy even had charted out at a certain point how drunk we were in any given scene,” says Gasteyer, who stars alongside Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Paula Pell and Emily Spivey in the story of six friends who set off on a Napa getaway to celebrate a 50th birthday.

“A lot of them are non-alcoholic wines and I shudder to think what was in them. At the end of the day we might get a little splash of the real McCoy.” And they went home with plenty too, following the shoot. “We were so besotted — it was an embarrassment of bottles,” says Gasteyer, a veteran voice of Wicked who has a Christmas album out later this year. In addition to cases and cases of wine, Poehler also sent the women home with a nice wrap gift. “She gave us all kimonos. Everybody needs a kimono for jacuzzi time. I take it everywhere I go.” 

Wine Country is now streaming on Netflix. 

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