Why Neil Patrick Harris Probably Will Never Host the Grammy Awards

Neil Patrick Harris is just one letter away from host EGOT status — having already emceed the Emmys, Oscars and Tonys — but he's not expecting to collect that G anytime soon.

"The Grammys? I don't carry bling well — it's a very blingy audience," Harris, 45, told THR when he stopped by the magazine's studio to plug the third and final season of Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events (he stars as Count Olaf and also exec produces). "Honestly, as a white male, I'm probably not high up on the [Grammys hosting] list, and deservedly so. There are so many more interesting, Tiffany Haddish-y people to host now."

Besides, Harris — an Emmy-winning actor, producer, activist and father of twins — added, he's not so sure anymore that hosting awards shows is the savviest career move. “I walked into this very building and you see giant posters of actors who command great respect for the authentic, nuanced acting that they do in feature films with Martin Scorsese and really impressive people. I sometimes wonder whether all of the hosting things — which I was proud to have done and have no regrets for it — I wonder if that tarnishes my opportunities to do those sorts of things. The grass is hypothetically always greener. It’s super fun to do a live hosting gig. I'm looking forward to ideally doing things that are more art for art’s sake. Or a Star Wars movie. Or a Marvel movie. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

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