Yes, Someone Apparently Tried to Stop That Donald Trump Taco Bowl Tweet

 Paul Manafort is said to have recognized it wasn't a great idea.

Remember Donald Trump's infamous Cinco De Mayo taco bowl tweet?

Yes, there was someone in the room at Trump Tower who recognized it was offensive and reportedly tried to stop it from happening: Trump presidential campaign chairman Paul Manafort. 

"On Cinco de Mayo, Trump happened to be eating a taco bowl for lunch at his desk in Trump Tower. Manafort was in the office with other aides when a member of the family suggested they tweet a picture of Trump enjoying his 'Mexican' lunch," according to a Huffington Post report, a lengthy profile on Manafort.

"Manafort politely suggested that this might be seen as condescending and cautioned against it," claimed the story, by the site's global editorial director Howard Fineman. 

"The people who were offended were people we wanted to offend," Trump said, as quoted by the Post