Britney Spears Pop-Up Experience Shares Name With L.A. Sex Club

Courtesy of Black Sky Creative and SRExperiences

In January, Los Angeles will play host to a new experience called “The Zone.”

It’s described as the ultimate Britney Spears fan experience with 10 rooms filled with memorabilia, signature items and exhibits like a faux commercial airliner (from her “Toxic” music video), a 40-foot tightrope photo walk, a live ringmaster, tarot card reader machine and the jacket and bike from the “Circus” tour. The entire shebang is named after the pop superstar’s fourth studio album, “In the Zone.”

Only thing is, there’s already an immersive experience “club” that operates in Los Angeles called “The Zone.” However, this one has much more X-rated experiences.

On the latter’s website, it is described as “the most popular sex club for men in Southern California.” The latter Zone's attractions include two floors of mazes, private booths, “BJ bullpens and stalls,” a TV lounge and outdoor patio. “While most guys keep their clothes on, going nude is cool too!” reads the sex club's website.

Expect some confusion from The Zone attendees as both are located in the same part of town: the Spears-friendly Zone will be on Fairfax Avenue and Third Street while the gay Zone is a five minute drive away, on Sycamore Avenue near Santa Monica Boulevard.

A source close to the latter, hoping to clear up any confusion between the two Zones, reminded The Hollywood Reporter that the gay sex club is formally called “The Zone L.A.”

Meanwhile a rep for the Spears version tells THR: "The Britney Spears ‘The Zone’ is a temporary interactive experience so fans can connect with their favorite artist." Tickets for which are now on sale

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