Age of Love




9 p.m. Monday

"Age of Love" is a near clone of "The Bachelor," except that these overeager, high-hormonal women are divided into two camps. Seven of them, the "Cougars," range in age from 38-48. The other six, the "Kittens," are 21-27. Will this bachelor, 30-year-old tennis player Mark Philippoussis, follow tradition and pick a younger woman, or will he heed the recommendation of Ben Franklin?

The show, from 3 Ball Prods., follows the tired traditional formula of introductions, debriefing interviews, selectively edited dates and a weekly elimination. For exec producers JD Roth, Todd A. Nelson, Adam Greener and Craig Armstrong, all experienced in reality TV, it must be a paint-by-numbers affair.

More interesting than whether he chooses younger or older is how much the women know about Philippoussis. They watch a video that tells them he was among the top 10 tennis players in the world. But that was before knee injuries reduced him to his current sub-100 ranking.

More germane, though, is Philippoussis' record off the court. Two years ago, he was engaged to Miami model Alexis Barbara but didn't follow through. Before that, he dated Paris Hilton while in a relationship with another woman. An NBC press release states, "Mark's ready for all that to change." Good luck, ladies!