America's Next Producer



8 p.m. Wednesday, July 18
TV Guide

Pretty soon the only way to have a career in our society will be to beat someone to the punch on a television reality show. If you want to be a chef, a model (super or ordinary), even find a husband with a few bucks, you have to be a contestant on the airwaves.

TV Guide Network's new 10-episode reality show, "America's Next Producer," says it all. If you want to be Hollywood's next television producer (meaning, really big-time producer), you've got to see if you have to start here. This new reality series is, like all the others, fast, stressful and sometimes down and dirty.

As contestants vie for the job, it gets crazy. But the winner wins big. Whoever comes out ahead in this contest gets a first-look deal with TV Guide Network; an expense-paid office in Hollywood; a MacBook, HD monitor and Final Cut Studio editing software; and, last but not least, $100,000 cash (for all the lunches, parking lot fees and no doubt a new suit).

It's fun, it's competitive. Judges David Hill and Matt Roush mean business. If you don't have the chutzpah, the ideas, the urge to develop, execute and pitch TV concepts, then forget it. But in case you do, maybe someone out there watching will find it catching.