Anime: Drawing a Revolution



9 p.m. Monday, Dec. 17

The art of Japanese animation -- better known as anime -- has had a profound impact on international pop culture, and especially on filmmaking in America. Starz' new documentary, "Anime: Drawing a Revolution," offers an in-depth look at the impact of this art form on movies especially. It's a colorful, adventurous documentary to say the least.

The definition of anime -- it draws more hits on Wikipedia than any other subject -- is simple: It's a Japanese style of film animation characterized by extremely stylized art "and adult themes."

So says this docu, which blasts onto the small screen with lots of punch.

Most recently, anime has influenced films such as "Kill Bill" and "Sin City," which feature stark images and hyped-up action.

Even though Japanese animation has been around in American television shows for decades, anime, as it's known today, is far more expressive, risk-taking and provocative.

Interviewees such as Michael Madsen, Michelle Rodriguez and Wendee Lee talk about the art form's impact on U.S. films and beyond. Examples shown in this docu include clips from such films as "Pokemon," "Ghost in the Shell," "Akira" and "The Matrix."