Autism Every Day



8 p.m. Wednesday, April 2
Sundance Channel

This compelling journey into the tragic stories of autism does just what a fine documentary should do: It puts us square in the middle of its subject and gives us all sides of it.

"Autism Every Day," from director Lauren Thierry (herself the mother of an autistic child), hasn't left out an iota of the story. Autism is not just difficult, but it also sometimes feels impossible to live with. This docu says it all.

Thierry follows the everyday lives of eight families with autistic children. The kids are often lost to their parents (not to mention themselves). It's a struggle just to get an autistic child to put on a sock in the morning. Of course, this docu follows kids who are rather severely affected, so it's especially heartbreaking to watch them and their families just stay afloat everyday. Thierry's title says it all: Affected families live with the disease day in and day out. There is no letup, just as the camera here is relentless in its search for the nuances of everyday struggles. "Autism Every Day" is enticing, extremely watchable and very personal for anyone who takes this cinematic journey.

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