The Axis of Evil Comedy Special



Comedy Central

11 p.m. Saturday

Security and terrorism are no laughing matters, unless you happen to be one of the four stand-up comedians in "The Axis of Evil Comedy Special." The comedians, all of Middle Eastern descent, hold forth on how life has changed for them since Sept. 11 with amusement, bewilderment and a touch of self-deprecation. Each makes an onstage entrance through a metal detector -- but only after a slight delay from a suspicious security agent.

Leading off is Dean Obeidallah, an Egyptian-American who devotes most of his set to airport security jokes and such. Palestinian-American Ahmed Ahmed compared Muslims and Jews and did a parody of terrorist recruitment along the lines of fraternity pledge week.

Aron Kader, also of Palestinian descent, and Maz Jobrani, who immigrated to the U.S. from Iran as a boy, also were hits with the audience at the Orange County Pavilion Performing Arts Center, which itself included a strong representation of Middle Easterners.