NEW YORK -- Resembling nothing so much as those cheesy Sunn Classics Pictures circa 1970s such as “In Search of Noah’s Ark,” Bruce Burgess’ documentary purporting to uncover proof of the survival from the cross of Jesus Christ and his subsequent married life with Mary Magdalene arrives too tardily to fully capitalize on its “Da Vinci Code” association. While “Bloodline” should be of some interest to the easily titillated, it will be mainly ignored as pseudo-scientific claptrap by everyone else.

The filmmaker, who’s previously delved into such mysteries as the Bermuda Triangle and Area 51, expends his efforts here on the presumed conspiracy by the Catholic Church to cover up the heretical idea that Jesus and Mary fled to France after the Crucifixion and eventually sired children whose bloodline survives to this day.

Burgess, who spends much time on camera confessing his personal fears that he may be done away with as a result of his investigation, travels to the French medieval village of Rennes-le-Chateau, where supposedly a 19th-century priest named Berenger Sauniere found and ultimately covered up the proof of the events in question.

From its absurdly laughable interviews with a creepily menacing, “X-Files” type character who claims to have extensive knowledge of the secret organization, the Priory of Sion, to its climactic footage depicting the finding in an underground tomb of various 1st-century artifacts and a mummified corpse that may be Mary Magdalene herself, “Bloodline” is far more titter-inducing than chillingly revelatory.

Production company: Cinema Libre Studio.