Bridal Fever



9 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 2
Hallmark Channel

You've already seen the lighthearted/lightweight "Bridal Fever." You just don't know it. This is, after all, one of those throwback telepics that would have played perfectly on Oxygen had that network existed in, say, 1979. It's such a throwback to anti-feminist movies of yesteryear that you sometimes need to pinch yourself to make sure it didn't slip into the "original" pile by mistake.

See if this sounds vaguely familiar: An aspiring editor at the romance novel label Hearts Desire Publishing named Gwen (Andrea Roth of "Rescue Me") sets out to ditch her singlehood and bridesmaids gowns after finding all of her friends now married. Her partner in the quest to find a husband is Dahlia (Delta Burke, looking younger than she has any right to), a famed romance novelist in her own right who has begun writing steamy memoirs based on the string of men with whom she has had torrid affairs.

Dahlia takes Gwen under her wing and vows to find her a hubby within six months. She introduces her disciple to one eligible guy after another, but something always comes up wrong. You just know that Mr. Right is going to come from the unlikeliest imaginable source, don't you? Well, I did. There's Mark, there's Jake, there's a partridge in a pear tree. It's all silly and dopey, the kind of thing that goes down easy but is forgotten within 10 seconds after the TV's off.

"Bridal Fever" airs on Saturday night, further limiting its audience to the underage, the elderly, cooped-up parents of toddlers and the lovelorn. It has a few fun moments, and Burke is adept at camping it up, but this isn't something you're likely to mistake for appointment viewing.