11 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 10
Disney Channel

Disney Channel's new animated kids series "Bunnytown" is a musical bonanza for preschoolers. If the music is not original (its sound resembles the jingles of many other preschooler shows), that's not a problem for this venture. The animation is lively enough to overcome anything else.

"Bunnytown," which will air Saturday and Sunday mornings, is set in a fictional world where bunnies hop around and give pint-size viewers the giggles while also teaching them tips about the world around them. There are mythic types to be found here: a superhero, an inventor, a caveman, and of course a mischief-making rock star.

But nothing gets too serious in Bunnytown. Instead, the show gives kids laughs and lots of music. In fact, the variety show is peppered with original songs to which preschoolers can sing along and at the same time learn about all kinds of music, from hip-hop to disco, from country to jazz and even klezmer. They even can visit neighboring Peopletown and get a bit of live-action antics.

It's all very colorful and fast-moving for the youngest set.