10 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 7

Oxygen's new 26-episode reality crime series, "Captured," is fairly routine stuff, looking more like a Court TV clone than anything else. (Then again, a few other networks and crime series come to mind as well).

Back in the days of more innocent television (and viewers), crime-solving meant a fairly entertaining sequence of events. These days, it's more visceral and grimy, with this series being a good example.

"Captured" banks on the predictable: A gruesome crime is committed and someone has to take the lead and solve the case -- in this series, a woman. But don't expect Jessica Fletcher. The world of this half-hour series is gritty, serious and ugly, and it's populated by thugs, murderers and victims who live in that dark world.

Each episode includes eye-witness testimony, courtroom footage and of course a healthy dose of re-enactment, just for drama's sake. At the close of the show, viewers are encouraged to help solve another crime, shown as a two-minute vignette of a current, unsolved crime.