Choose Connor



Strand Releasing

    Writer/director Luke Eberl may only be 22 years old but in terms of cynicism he's way ahead of the game, judging by this melodramatic portrait of contemporary politics that makes any recent scandals seem innocent by comparison. Unfortunately, his filmmaking debut “Choose Connor” is less credible than sensationalistic and, what's worse considering the provocative subject matter, it lacks dramatic tension.

    The title character is Lawrence Connor (Steven Webber), the sort of good-looking, smooth-talking politician who you just know is not what he seems. When he improbably recruits 15-year-old social misfit Owen Norris (Alex Linz, grown up since “Home Alone 3”) to serve as his “youth campaign spokesman” during his Senatorial bid, it isn't long before the idealistic young man learns about the seamy underside of politics. Complicating matters even further is the strange relationship between Connor and his gay teenage nephew (Escher Holloway), a clearly emotionally scarred young man who pays more than casual attention to the innocent Owen.

    While there has been no shortage of sexual scandals involving politicos in recent times, the climactic revelations here seem over the top. Not helping matters is the leisurely pacing, which allows far too much time for the viewer to ponder the narrative deficiencies. Despite generally good work from the reliable Webber and his two young co-stars, the film founders on its own ambitions.