9 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 10
Hallmark Channel

There is nothing extraordinary in this original movie from Hallmark centering on a widowed mother of two who happens to have the "gift" of extrasensory perception. But it's a winning story nonetheless, moving along in a simple, somewhat slow manner and taking the viewer under its wing along the way.

Valerie Bertinelli stars as the woman who at first is helpless to save her husband from dying even though she has a vision of the event moments previous to it. But now that people are showing up dead in her hometown, she puts her powers to work to help police find the murderer.

Bertinelli offers a strong presence in the title role. She manages to make the uncanny seem believable: that a woman could go along in her ordinary small-town life and still have visions deep and disturbing. The script from J.C. Belmont is strong enough to overcome the inherent melodrama of the heroine's situation, and Stephen W. Bridgewater's even-tempered direction takes all the bumps in its stride. "Claire" is fun, even when the pieces don't fit.