The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream



8 p.m. Sunday, March 16
ABC Family

The third installment of the ABC Family franchise "The Cutting Edge" is an exciting and fast-moving sports drama that gives viewers a good dose of romance as well.

Subtitled "Chasing the Dream," ice skating fans will be enthralled with this story that never lets up for a minute. In this installment, an all-around ice skating hottie named Zack (Matt Lanter) is forced to find a new skating partner after his present partner breaks her leg and is out of the running. The newcomer (Francia Raisa) he chooses to skate with gives him plenty to think about, including feelings for her he hadn't expected.

If the story line is predictable, "Cutting Edge" more than makes up for it with great camerawork and lightning-fast editing. Stuart Gillard directs with gusto, even if Susan Estelle Jensen's script leaves originality on the ice somewhere. There isn't much time to think about the movie's faults because we're too busy trying to catch up with the ice skating action.