The Cycle



CANNES -- A maniac in them thar deep dark woods and an RV packed with innocents: That's the formula plot that "The Cycle" re-cycles. Starring Daryl Hannah as a chain smoking, Volvo-driving maiden, who ventures into the wilds of Maine to re-connect with her boyfriend, this Canadian/Czech co-production stakes out familiar generic territory. It's comfort fodder for the horror junkie. Domestically, its swathe will be limited to cable-horror channels and DVD rental.

Intertwined with Hannah's expedition, an RV full of Boston University collegians motor on the same deadly course. They're fresh-faced do-gooders who are looking for old Indian burial grounds in order to get a court order to stop a carnivorous developer.

Into this blood-curdle, filmmaker Micheal Bafaro has grafted some contemporary issues and infused his travelers with enough distinctive personality to warrant our sympathies. One noticeable glitch is the perfectly capped teeth of the psycho/deep woods madman, but he's "Deliverance" correct in all other peculiarities. Although "The Cycle" spins off in its climax, it's shot and punctuated with the requisite creepy calibrations.

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