Daniel's Daughter



9 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 26
Hallmark Channel

Trite, predictable and emotionally unchallenging, this piece of movie candy is easy to digest and not too strenuous on the intellect.

Its target female audience, from older teens to seniors, will have little difficulty giving in to the Hallmark original movie -- especially those eager to forget the day's troubles and instead sit back in the evening and let someone else's life roll by.

The story of a woman who returns to her hometown to say goodbye to a dead father she never knew, "Daniel's Daughter" has all the ingredients of a good time at no one's expense. Laura Leighton ("Melrose Place") plays the lead character, a thirtysomething super-charged and successful career woman who finds it necessary to go back to her hometown to bury a father who she always thought abandoned her.

The first five minutes of Tracy Rosen's teleplay give it all away: When said woman returns home, she finds not only the love of a lost father but also the affections of a new man. Director Neill Fearnley can do little other than to sit back and let the predictable play itself out. Leighton is easy to like immediately, a fact which could win over many viewers. The movie is visually pretty, leisurely and quite unpretentious. What could be wrong with that?