Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love



10:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 15

He's a wealthy sports star, the only man to have played in both the Super Bowl and the World Series. She's a stunning model and actress. Together, they live with their five children (two of his from a previous marriage) in a house in Texas big enough to have its own ZIP code.

"Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love" is about family life with Deion Sanders and his wife, Pilar, who do their utmost to convince the camera they are just plain folks, notwithstanding their 40,000-squre-foot mansion on their 112-acre ranch. In the second episode, Pilar complains that she isn't appreciated. So she hires a concierge, nanny, housekeepers, a chauffeur, window washers and a chef to show Deion everything she has to do around the house.

The premise could work on "According to Jim" -- maybe -- but anyone who believes Pilar has been the exclusive caretaker up to that point is not even smarter than a first grader.

The show, from Tollbooth TV and SokoLobl Entertainment, is edited to resemble an unscripted sitcom, with family members speaking to the camera more often than to one another. That works for Pilar, who clearly is excited about this project, but not for Deion, who mostly just goes through the motions.

If nothing else, the show will be remembered both for Pilar and the frequent use of subtitles to help viewers understand people who are ostensibly speaking English.