Cannes Film Festival, In Competition

Unreal characters and story shackle this gloomy tale of unconventional love between a long-lost brother and sister, who create their own version of paradise on a remote Hungarian island in "Delta". This academic, albeit beautifully shot, exercise will appeal mainly to those who like their Greek tragedy served with no frills or explanations and a bare minimum of dialogue.

The Delta depicted so atmospherically here is a wild maze of waterways and isolated towns populated by wizened-faced villagers straight out of "Deliverance." They don't much cotton to the arrival of the handsome newcomer (Felix Lajko), a mystery man of few words, who has been away so long he didn't even know he had a younger sister (Orsi Toth.) She flees her rapist stepfather to live on her brother's island, where together they build a house on stilts in the middle of the river. The incest issue is not of great concern for them, but for the villagers it is unforgivable. The air of foreboding that hangs over the young lovers explodes in the final scenes, leaving audiences more perplexed than satisfied.

Cast: Felix Lajko, Orsi Toth, lili Monori, Sandor Gaspar.
Director: Kornel Mundruczo
Screenwriters: Yvette Biro, Kornel Mundruczo
Producers: Viktoria Petranyi, Susanne Marian, Philippe Bober
Director of photography: Matyas Erdely
Production designer: Marton Agh
Costume designer: Janos Brecki
Music: Gabor Balazs
Editor: David Jancso
Sales Agent: Coproduction Office, Paris
92 minutes.