Destination Truth



10 p.m. Wednesday, June 6
Sci Fi Channel

In this companion series to "Ghost Hunters," Josh Gates leads a team of about a half dozen around the globe to get to the bottom of strange reports. Gates and company are armed with the latest high-tech gear, such as an infrared doodad and a sonar whatchamacallit. Whether it's ghosts in Thailand or an exotic bigfoot in Malaysia, if something is really out there, they will find it.

In the premiere, Gates looks for an iguanodon, a lizard-like dinosaur that was supposed to be extinct. The search takes them to a remote village in New Guinea. They tempt the beast with a dead chicken and wait up all night. Bushes rustle and branches break and every tease before a commercial break promises much more than the show actually delivers. While they wait for their video to be examined, they look for nearby mermaids. Here, the results are even less spectacular.

Chances are, if there was something spectacular to be found, National Geographic would be all over it. So don't watch this series from exec producers Neil and Michael Mandt thinking you'll see the solution to a riddle of the universe. Watch it because Gates has a great sense of humor, never takes himself too seriously and makes it look like a lot of fun. That way, it really won't matter if the alleged dinosaur turns out to be a croc.