The Devil Came on Horseback



Translated, "Jangaweed" means "devil on horseback." The Jangaweed burn, shoot, rape, slaughter and pillage the western part of Sudan, Darfur. They are the Arab militia supported by the Arab-dominated Sudanese government and bent on wiping out the African and Christian population of Sudan.

In this scorching documentary, filmmakers Ricki Stern and Anne Sundberg document the genocide perpetrated in that African nation, where more than 400,000 non-Arab people have been slaughtered. Nearly 3 million have been forced from their homes.

Filtered through the eyes of a gallant ex-Marine, Capt. Brian Steidle, who served as a military observer with the African Union in the western part of Sudan, the docu is an unnervingly powerful picture of atrocity. Steidle documented the unspeakable cruelty in more than 1,000 pictures that inspired a New York Times expose.

"The Devil on Horseback" is a cinematic salvo of heart-breaking interviews, onsite footage and pictures of unimaginable carnage. It is a powerful warning of another Rwanda in the making -- another one that world powers have not acted on. The U.N. Security Council has issued nine resolutions condemning the atrocities, all with abstentions from China, which has massive oil interests in the region. Sudan thumbs its nose, and the U.N. backs off.

Perhaps this powerful docu, to air this year on HBO, will spur action from more effective entities. Meanwhile, famished Darfur citizens pour into poverty-stricken, barren eastern Chad, living in refugee camps and searching for family members.

A Break Thru Films production in association withGlobal Grassroots & Three Generations
Producers: Ricki Stern, Anne Sundberg, Gretchen Wallace, Jane Wells
Screenwriters-directors: Anne Sundberg, Ricki Stern
Directors of photography: Jerry Risius, Phil Cox, Tim Hetherington, William Rexer II, Anne Sundberg, John Keith Wasson
Editor: Joey Grossfield
Music: Paul Brill
Brian Steidle: Brian Steidle
Running time -- 85 minutes
No MPAA rating