1 p.m. Saturday, July 7
Discovery Kids

"Dinosapien" is a wildly imaginative ride into our collective imagination, one that asks the question: What if dinosaurs were not really extinct but were walking among us, and on the very same ground we travel? This new kids' live-action series (that also makes great use of CGI and animation) takes that premise and shapes it into a wholly watchable show for teens and those maybe 7 or younger.

The story centers on a teen (Brittney Wilson) whose paleontologist father disappeared years ago on a fossil-hunting expedition. Now a counselor at a kids' camp, she encounters a live, highly evolved dinosaur and finds that they might not be extinct after all. Maybe she will solve the mystery of her dad's absence.

The series requires a huge leap of faith on the viewer's part. The mix of fact and fiction doesn't always get on so well. But the visuals are lively and provide serious entertainment to those of us at any age. This is one way to live out a dinosaur fantasy.