Don't Think About It



ROME -- Nine months, two distributors, several prizes and much positive word-of-mouth later, Gianni Zanasi's 2007 Venice hit comedy "Don't Think About It" has finally made it to Italian screens. Zanasi's last film was 1999's "Beside Myself," a much smaller and more intimate effort. Bubbly and smart, the new film was branded the first worthy "commedia all'italiana" in years. It has sold to 17 territories and the appeal of its broadly recognizable theme and humor could push it beyond the arthouse niche in some venues.

Failed 35-year-old punk rock musician Stefano (Valerio Mastandrea) returns to his small hometown from Rome after catching his girlfriend cheating on him. Seeking refuge, the prodigal son nevertheless freely criticizes his family and their "bourgeois facades." But things are never as simple as they seem: His older brother is running the family business into the ground and falling for a call girl, his sister has dropped out of college to work with dolphins, his mother does nothing but frequent New Age classes and his father plays golf all day long.

When skeletons start popping out of closets (even about the identity of his real father) and the house is foreclosed upon, Stefano is the least equipped of all to handle it. With a tinge of melancholy, he realizes he craves the safety nets he fled, which the others, however, have outgrown.

Zanasi shoots in bright, sunny colors with a style that is classic yet loose. He allows his actors to perform with naturalistic ease. They are fun to watch -- from the ever-dependent Mastandrea to stars Giuseppe Battiston and Anita Caprioli, as well as Gisella Burinato and Teco Celio as Stefano's parents.

While the subject matter may not be entirely original -- and the New Age and golf touches smack more of American than Italian families -- the film is solidly entertaining and features a great soundtrack with songs by Merci Miss Monroe, Les Fauves and Atomik Dog.

ITC Movie, Pupkin Production in collaboration with La7
International sales: Pyramide International
Director: Gianni Zanasi
Writers: Zanasi, Michele Pellegrini
Producers: Beppe Caschetto, Rita Rognoni
Director of photography: Giulio Pietromarchi
Production designer: Roberto De Angelis
Music: Merci Miss Monroe, Les Fauves and Atomik Dog
Costume designer: Valentina Tavia
Editor: Rognoni
Stefano: Valerio Mastandrea
Michela: Anita Caprioli
Alberto: Giuseppe Battiston
Mamma Nardini: Gisella Burinato
Walter: Teco Celio
Nadine: Caterina Murino
Paolo: Paolo Briguglia
Stefano: Dino Abbrescia
Running time -- 105 minutes
No MPAA rating