Double Trouble: Film Review

China Lion Entertainment
This Chinese buddy action-comedy is mainly notable for the starring presence of Jaycee Chan, son of Jackie.

The film stars Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan as a Taiwanese museum security guard who springs into action when a 400-year-old scroll is stolen and he is mistakenly accused.

The starring presence of Jaycee Chan, Jackie Chan’s son, seems to be main impetus for the importation of Double Trouble. But while the young actor displays some of his father’s endearing appeal and athletic martial arts prowess, this otherwise unmemorable Chinese buddy action-comedy is unlikely to achieve any box-office traction on these shores.

The younger Chan plays Jay, a Taiwanese museum security guard who springs into action when a priceless, 400-year-old scroll is stolen and he is mistakenly accused. Through circumstances too convoluted to recount, he winds up partnered with Ocean (Chinese star Xia Yu), a vacationing security guard from Beijing. Since neither man exactly represents the pinnacle of their profession, hijinks, if not hilarity, ensues.

Director David Hsun-Wei Chang reveals little talent for action sequences, let alone narrative coherence or pacing, although he did have the wisdom to cast sexy actresses clad in skin-tight leather bodysuits as the art thieves.

The film also sneaks in some sly subtextual comments on the relationship between China and Taiwan, although they will largely be lost on American viewers.

As with most of the elder Chan’s efforts, the best moments arrive in the gaffe-laden outtakes that are unveiled at the film’s end.

Opened: June 8 (China Lion)
Production: Guangdong Zhujiang Film and Media Corp., Serenity Entertainment, Beijing Eastlight Film Co., Distribution Workshop and Three Dots Entertainment
Cast: Jaycee Chan, Xia Yu, Chen Han-tien, Deng Jiajia, Vivian Dawson, Jessica C., Shoko, Lan Chun-tien, Chang Fei
Director: David Hsun-Wei Chang
Screenwriters: Zhang Hongyi, Yeh Sho-Heng
Producers: Michelle Yeh, Liu Jing
Executive producers: Liu Hongbing, Ethan Hsu, Liu Jing, Jeffrey Chan
Director of photography: Horace Wong Wing-Hung
Editor: Lin Yung-Yi
Production designer: Cheng Yi-Feng
Costume designer: Tu Pei-Hsun
Music: Eggo Music Production & Sound
No rating, 89 min.

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