Edinburgh International Film Festival

EDINBURGH -- Well crafted and acted, Declan Recks' Irish domestic drama "Eden," adapted from his own play by Eugene O'Brien, offers an intimate portrait of a husband and wife who have stopped communicating with each other. While its universal theme and avoidance of melodrama made the play successful in Dublin, London and New York, the screen adaptation is laudable but its natural home appears to be television rather than cinemas.

Aidan Kelly plays a genial telephone lineman whose ordinary home life is starting to grate after several years of marriage: His eye has started to wander. His wife, played by Eileen Walsh, knows their marriage is tottering but her patient response to his unarticulated woes only makes things worse.

Writer O'Brien and director Recks poke their noses cleverly into the lives of the couple and their family, friends and workmates. They structure their divergent activities on a dismal anniversary evening with considerable skill.

Kelly and Walsh give first class performances in a production headed for a smart TV channel.

Production: Samson Films in association with Radio Telefis Eireann and the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland with the participation of The Irish Film Board.

Cast: Aidan Kelly, Eileen Walsh, Padraic Delaney, Karl Shiels, Lesley Conroy, Sarah Greene.
Director: Declan Recks.
Screenwriter: Eugene O'Brien.
Producer: David Collins.
Director of photography: Owen McPolin.
Production designer: John Hand.
Music: Stephen Rennicks, Hugh Drumm.
Costume designer: Louise Stanton.
Editor: Gareth Young.
No rating, 85 minutes.

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