10 p.m., Sunday, April 8

Although far more attention is being lavished on "The Sopranos," Sunday also marks the resumption of the third season of "Entourage," exec producer Mark Wahlberg's comic look at the excesses of showbiz.

When the show took its midseason break, Vince the hot actor (Adrian Grenier) had severed business ties with uberagent Ari (Jeremy Piven). The next five episodes will follow the ups and downs of the separation, concluding with a hilarious episode written by Brian Burns that, despite its broadcast in May, is set during the fall Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur.

These days, the show feels more confident, more willing to let the humor flow from the characters, especially Vince's pals: manager Eric (Kevin Connolly), half-brother Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) and loyal friend Turtle (Jerry Ferrara). Another welcome development is that, this season more than in the past, the lives of Vince and his posse are more relatable.

Turtle and Drama have considerably more to do than just lusting after Vince's surplus female fans. Eric, meanwhile, is in a committed relationship with all the complications that entails. As the characters become more dimensional, the show becomes more sophisticated and satisfying but still holds onto its edge. In short, "Entourage" is a lot more fun to find now that it has found itself.