Gilles Jacob: Citizen Cannes -- Film Review



CANNES -- A brief and friendly record of Gilles Jacob's time in charge of the Festival de Cannes includes many clips of the famous stars and directors that have helped make the event known around the world with some reminiscences by the festival president on his life and career.

Jacob has been the face of the festival for more than 30 years and he relates his passage from film critic in Paris to running the world's most successful film festival. The production will be of most interest to cinephiles and should travel to the smaller festivals.

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In the film, he talks of his passion for filmmakers and the stars who sparkle on the red carpet. He relates the key events that helped raise the festival to its place at the pinnacle of world cinema events. Along the way, he touches on his family's experiences during World War Two and why he decided not to follow in his father's manufacturing footsteps.

Several directors offer praise although there's a very odd contribution from Quentin Tarantino, who volunteers that his first sexual stirrings were at the age of 4 when he saw Claudia Cardinale romping in a haystack in the film "Circus World."

Jacob speaks often in the film about his affection for beautiful movie stars but what Tarantino's recollection has to do with that is anyone's guess.

Venue: Festival de Cannes
Sales: Arte France
Production companies: Arte France, INA
Director: Serge Le Pero
Screenwriter: Serge Le Peron.
Director of photography: Olivier Raffet, Jean-Baptiste Riere
Music: Patrick Sigwalt
Editor: Janice Jones
No rating, 67 minutes