'Girl House': Film Review

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Gratuitous nudity and extreme violence, just in time for Valentine's Day

The star attractions of an X-rated, "Big Brother"-style website find themselves under attack from a homicidal maniac in Trevor Matthews' horror film

You have to give demented props to a sleazy horror film that begins with an onscreen quote about the evil effects of pornography from someone who presumably knew what he was talking about, serial killer Ted Bundy.

That's but one of the subversive aspects of Girl House, depicting what happens when a Big Brother-style website featuring a gaggle of frequently naked young women under constant video monitoring in the titular abode comes under attack by a homicidal maniac known simply by his onscreen handle "Loverboy."

The house's newest resident/employee is the comely co-ed Kylie (Ali Corbin), desperately in need of extra money while putting herself through college. She's recruited by the website's impresario Gary (James Thomas), the self-appointed "Hugh Hefner of the 21st century," who assures her that she'll be in no danger thanks to the house's strict security measures and impenetrable firewall.

It's the "Fort Know of websites," he proclaims, pretty much guaranteeing that it won't be long before bad things start to happen.

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And they certainly do, courtesy of the overweight, lumpen Loverboy (the one-named hip-hop MC Slaine), whose bad attitude towards women is explained by the pre-credits sequence in which he's humiliated as a young boy by some sneering girls, one of whom shortly thereafter winds up being thrown off a bridge to her death.

Even as Kylie gamely fulfills the demands of Girl House, she's romantically pursued by a former schoolmate, Ben (Adam DiMarco), who's had a long unrequited crush on her. Emphasizing the voyeuristic aspects of the tale, he invites her to join him for a screening of, what else, Rear Window.

It eventually culminates with Loverboy, who's been disrespected by several of the girls, breaking into the house where he exacts murderous revenge, Halloween-style.

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Ably fulfilling its genre's sexploitation demands by constantly displaying its hot young actresses in various states of gratuitous undress, the film produces some amusement from the endless contortions by its lead performer, who apparently had a no-nudity clause, to not expose any naughty bits.

Director Trevor Matthews stages the violent mayhem with admirable profiency, and the film's target audience is bound to come away reasonably satisfied, if not fully satiated. But not to worry, there's bound to be a similar violence/nudity laden gorefest arriving just around the corner.

Production: Brookstreet Pictures
Cast: Ali Cobrin, Adam DiMarco, Slaine, James Thomas
Director: Trevor Matthews
Screenwriter: Nick Gordon
Producers: Trevor Matthews, Nick Gordon, Cory Neal
Director of photography: Christopher Norr
Production designer: Lisa Soper
Editor: Matthew Brulotte
Costume designer: Jennifer Stroud
Composer: tomandandy
Casting: Anne McCarthy, Freddy Luis

No rating, 100 min.


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