Girl Meets Cowboy



10 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 14

New ideas for reality shows keep coming along. One of the latest can hardly look far-fetched in light of what has come before it -- take your pick, any network, any day of the week.

"Girl Meets Cowboy" is another dating challenge series, this one taking city girls out of their familiar environment and plopping them down smack dab in cowpoke territory -- in the wilds of a ranch, that is. Viewers find out whether the city girl has what it takes to rope in the cowboy of her dreams. If you don't mind seeing women as shallow and desperate to find a man and men as a hot ticket (something to work hard for), then the show will seem lots of fun and full of frolic.

In six hourlong episodes, four big-city women are taken to a Midwestern ranch to see if they're tough enough to catch on to the rustic life. The prize: one good-looking, kindhearted and courteous cowboy -- yes, the man of any girl's dreams. But the competition is stiff, consisting of corralling cattle, baling hay and cleaning manure out of the stables. No Barney's shopping allowed.

Will the best girl win? Will the win have been worth the effort? It will take a few weeks to tell, after the roses, the hot tubs and girls in their bikinis have worked their magic on a cowboy or two.