The Girl Who Leapt Through Time



A charming piece of Japanese anime that could well serve as the basis for a stateside live-action remake, “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” boasts an entertaining storyline to match its well-drawn visuals. Based on a 1960's novel that has already inspired multiple television and film adaptations in its native country, this multiple award-winning film is now being released in limited U.S. theatrical engagements in both dubbed and subtitled versions.

Directed by Mamoru Hosodoa, “Girl” employs mostly old-fashioned 2-D animation to excellent effect, with both the characters and the detailed backgrounds managing to sustain visual interest over the feature-length running time.

The storyline involves a tomboyish teen, Mokoto, who through an accident in her high school science laboratory suddenly develops the ability to travel through time at will, although some strenuous physical activity is usually necessary.

At first, Mokoto takes happy advantage of her newfound powers to rearrange various events to her liking, from retaking a failed test to snaring a prized desert from her little sister. Not surprisingly, she quickly discovers that her time-leaping abilities are not without their complications, especially when it comes to her important relationships.

Although clearly geared for youngsters, the film manages to blend its comedic and dramatic elements in a manner that will not bore adults, demonstrating that significant video sales are a distinct possibility.