HBO's Girls: TV Review

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"Girls" on HBO
It's Girls. There have been countless articles and blog posts and ignorant comments and tired ramblings about it. If you need a synopsis at this point, then you might as well just read a book or go for a walk instead. 

15 reasons why you should watch "Girls" on HBO tonight.

Here are 15 reasons why you should watch Girls (two episodes) tonight on HBO.

1. Too many people talk about this show instead of watching it. So, if you've been hearing from people who don't like the show, then the chances are they actually aren't watching it. If you've been hearing from people who DO watch the show, then you've just been soaking up the chatter, and you really need to get off the computer and get a break. It's a TV show. Just watch it.

2. It's also a great show. Why? Because I said so. And I've said it a lot. Going into its third season, Girls is as refreshing and audacious as ever and one of the few half-hour dramedies where you can feel its heart pounding and see its belly ripple with laughter. Those are difficult things. 

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3. The opening of tonight's premiere episode is fantastic, funny, wince-inducing and, in some ways, really touching. The entire episode was written by Lena Dunham. You may know her as the creator and the star and the executive producer. Oh, and the director. She directed tonight's episode. It's a wonderful episode on so many levels. But that opening scene is a keeper.

4. I've started up a business printing t-shirts that read, "Let Lena Be Naked." I'm going to make a fortune. On the back reads: "Shut up and watch." 

5. There's a very funny Jan-Michael Vincent moment you won't want to miss. It's funny, sly, subtle and perfectly timed.

6. Jessa is on "male ban." It's a theme.

7. Jessa is a nuclear destroyer. Jemima Kirke, who plays her, doesn't get enough credit for her work.

8. Adam. 

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9. Adam Driver. See also: No. 8. For context, Mr. Driver is brilliant and has been a personal favorite of mine from the very first episode. He should be nominated for lots of things: Drama, comedy, whatever.

10. If you watch it, then you will be a person who watches Girls and not someone who doesn't watch Girls but who talks or writes or complains about it all the time despite not watching. That means if you watch it, you won't be living a lie. And you won't be an idiot.

11. If you've watched it a lot, then you're probably a fan and will continue to watch. This review really isn't for you, but I thank you for reading. Everybody loves lists. If this is your first time watching it and you've never seen it, definitely share an opinion. Watch both episodes first, though, because then you won't be watching the first chapter of a book. Better yet, start from the beginning. If you have read and agree with negative noise, and you watch tonight just to say you watched and still hated it, please know that's cheating and nobody wants your ignorance anyway, so use the time for something better. Go hug someone.

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12. Think about Dunham for a moment. Think about her as creator, writer, actor, director and executive producer. If all of that somehow annoys you, then think about what you've done in comparison. Then take your negative energy and focus it on yourself in a positive way. I'm sure Lena Dunham would think that's a fairly decent and agreeably sane idea.

13. When the first season of Girls came out, I was an early supporter with this review. My views remain the same. 

14. I also reviewed season two of Girls in much the same positive light. All the nonsensical chatter you hear now about Dunham and nudity and what the show is doing wrong, blah blah blah? Yeah, well, that's been around longer than just the last week. I wrote about that with more insight and intelligence than I'm doing now (mostly because I'm just so OVER all of this nonsense deriding the show and Dunham). That column, praising the success of season two and covering these issues, probably did a better job than I'm doing now, so read that. However, it's not a list. People love them some lists.

15. Hey, if you don't like Girls, then vote with your remote and watch something else. Just stop talking about it already. Everybody else, don't miss the start of season three, which looks like the start of another excellent season.


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