How to Look Good Naked



9 p.m. Friday

Very few female viewers can resist looking at makeover shows, no matter how unreal they seem.

In Lifetime Television's new reality series "How to Look Good Naked," the makeover gets very real and much less dramatic (or, as we might say, extreme) and can now appeal to every Jane Doe walking down the street. The message is clear: No matter who you are, or what your size, you are beautiful and you should know it. This works.

Fashion know-it-all Carson Kressley ("Queer Eye for the Straight Guy") is the perfect host for this series. He's the guy who can take the average (and most likely overweight) woman down the road to feeling good about herself -- so good that she will pose naked at the end of her journey (lying down, mostly covered up anyway, to be honest). With Kressley's help, this woman (one for every episode) gets a good look in the mirror, finds out her ego and fashion strengths and then changes the way she dresses. More importantly, she changes the way she sees herself. Who can argue with that?

"How to Look Good Naked" is good Lifetime chicken soup for the soul.