8 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 8

The new live-action teen series from Nickelodeon, "iCarly," reels in the YouTube generation with a hyped-up (and seriously hyper) comedy centering on a teen who creates a Web show for herself and her friends. The jokes come flying nonstop and are not always that funny, but the frenetic frenzy will please its young teen target audience.

The half-hour series, which kicks off with back-to-back episodes then airs regularly on Saturdays at 8 p.m., makes good use of its lead actress Miranda Cosgrove. She plays teen Carly who decides to create a Web show so that she and her friends at school can find some free expression and get away from the overload of adult authority around them.

The premise is a fresh one, and the cast of many is likewise upbeat and savvy. The idea of kids on the Web couldn't be more topical. The writing is lively as well, and the production is first-rate. Because Web shows are a hot topic for teens today, the series should please a wide audience.