Ice Spiders



9 p.m. Saturday, June 9
Sci Fi Channel

This cool offering from Sci Fi Channel is first-rate entertainment. An original movie, "Ice Spiders" (even the title sends a shiver) has great special effects, a fast pace and a cast that knows how to scream and run at the right moment. It's all-around fun.

The story is nothing new, but the tongue-in-cheek attitude of writer Eric Miller and director Tibor Takacs takes the horror genre one step closer to a homage to things past. The plot revolves around some mean (but still beautiful) spiders that terrorize a ski resort. Of course, there are reasons for the attack that have to do with a top government lab and a visionary scientist. Could we ask for more?

The movie reunites the cast of the hit show "Melrose Place," but that's only half the fun of watching this action-packed sci-fi thriller.