I'm Reed Fish



Screen Media Films

NEW YORK -- Meta-theatrics infuse novelty into this otherwise routine coming-of-age indie comedy about a young man coping with prewedding jitters. Scripted by "Reed Fish" (who, suspiciously, doesn't merit a bio in the press kit) and directed by Zackary Adler, "I'm Reed Fish" ultimately is too clever for its own good.

The titular character, played by Jay Baruchel ("Knocked Up"), is an orphaned small-town guy looking to fill his late father's shoes as his community's resident radio personality. Engaged to town hottie Kate (Alexis Bledel), everything in his life seems to be working just fine. That is, until the arrival of his old school friend Jill (Schuyler Fisk), an aspiring musician who makes him suddenly re-evaluate his decision.

Spoiler alert: At a certain point in the proceedings, the rug is pulled out from the viewer, as what we're watching is revealed to be a film within a film, an autobiographical effort by the central character that, well, you get the idea.

There are fun moments throughout, thanks to the efforts of its leading players. Baruchel, more than a little reminiscent of Zach Braff here, has good comic timing, and Fisk is a real charmer. There also is a terrific supporting cast that includes such comedic pros as DJ Qualls, Katey Sagal and Chris Parnell.

Ultimately, the relentless quirkiness of the proceedings proves wearisome, and the bizarre structural conceit is not enough to compensate for the overly familiar characterizations and story line.
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