Out of Jimmy's Head



7 p.m. Friday, Sept. 14
Cartoon Network

Last year there was the movie, and now here's the series. Buoyed by the success of "Re-Animated," a mix of live action and animation, Cartoon Network presents "Out of Jimmy's Head." In the network's first series with live action, both actors and characters reprise their former roles. In the midst of it is Jimmy (Dominic Janes), a middle-schooler whose life was saved in the movie when he got a brain transplant from a famous cartoonist.

There was one hitch, though. Wherever Jimmy goes, he sees the half-dozen cartoon characters the cartoonist created, and none of them are exactly shrinking violets. He talks with them, walks with them and, in the premiere episode, even dances with them. Unfortunately, no one else can see or hear them.

The concept, from creator-writers Adam Pava and Tim McKeon, is bold and imaginative, and the execution is colorful and energetic. The use of live action, though, means the show can't go to all the odd places or spout some of the sly humor for which the Cartoon Network is well-known. Perhaps to compensate, this perfectly wholesome and quirky series could take greater advantage of its wacky live characters, such as the alien stepsister, the astronaut mother and the evil cartoonist's son.