'Kill Ratio': Film Review

KILL RATIO - Still 2 -H 2016
Courtesy of XLrator Media
An uninspired bore.

A suspiciously skilled corporate flack tries to protect an Eastern European president during a military coup in Paul Tanter's actioner.

Just what is a "kill ratio," one might ask? In Paul Tantner's new Z-grade action film of that name, it applies to a rank of CIA operative known as the "blue list": These elite agents, we're told, "are given an indefinite kill ratio," which "means there's no upper limit" to the corpses they can corpsify in the course of duty.

Since a "ratio" sets one number up in relation to another, one wonders what the other integer is in this scenario. The number of innocent civilians saved? The number of opponents who were wounded but survived? The number of English majors who choked on their popcorn while listening to Kill Ratio's dialogue? That last number would be awfully high, if this rote rescue film were destined to be seen by actual moviegoers; more likely, it will quickly appear on a long list of VOD options few couch potatoes will be tempted to click.

Tom Hopper plays James Henderson, the aforementioned CIA (or ex-CIA) man undercover as a fixer for an American telecom company pursuing contracts in a made-up Eastern European country. Before the contracts are signed, a regional strongman has started a coup and killed the President (Lacy Moore). Or has he!? Though left for dead, the wounded President makes her way to James' hotel, where he must try to keep her safe from the many thugs who've set up camp there.

Producers may have envisioned a Die Hard-like cat-and-mouse game between their protagonists and the heavily armed goon squad. But even using the more appropriate Olympus Has Fallen as a benchmark, Kill Ratio is a snooze. Hopper adds little personality to a character with some remarkably douchey traits; on the other hand, he does have biceps.

Distributor: XLrator Media
Production companies: Benattar/Thomas, Subotica
Cast: Tom Hopper, Amy Huberman, Nick Dunning, Lacy Moore, Michelle Lehane, Luke Pierucci, Brian McGuinness
Director: Paul Tanter
Screenwriter: Steven Palmer Peterson
Producers: Rick Benattar, Nigel Thomas
Executive producers: Barry Gordon, Michael Radiloff, Jorge Saralegui, Michael Tadross Jr., Damiano Tucci, Kaila York
Director of photography: Patrick Jordan
Production designers: Mark Kilbride, Lilia Nurie
Editor: Laurens Van Charante
Composer: Alexander Bornstein
Casting director: Ali Coffey

Not rated, 86 minutes