Lake Placid 2



9 p.m. Saturday, April 28
Sci Fi Channel

More than a few have been waiting for a follow-up to the popular 1999 theatrical release "Lake Placid," and now the wait is over.

Sci Fi Channel takes us once more around the lake -- and it's an edgy, stylish trip. "Lake Placid 2" is here, and the giant crocs are as ferocious as ever.

This time around, two ferocious male crocs hook up with an aggressive female croc who happens to be protecting her nest full of eggs. This means trouble for local residents, especially for the town sheriff (John Schneider), who teams up with experts to get rid of the unwanted lake dwellers after an eerie episode or two.

Director David Flores gets the suspense going quickly (a nice, scary aerial view of the lake, for starters), and the action follows right after. Writers Todd Hurvitz and Howie Miller, working from David E. Kelley's original concept, know the right buttons and situations to push. Sometimes it's hard not to cheer for the crocs instead of the humans; that's how much fun this movie is to watch. Entertainment reigns supreme, so we should all make sure to heed the warning, "You're standing too close."