The Last Day of Summer



8 p.m. Friday, July 20

Nickelodeon's charming original telefilm "The Last Day of Summer" is an upbeat adventure for the middle school-and-younger set. Starring Jansen Panettiere (brother of Hayden Panettiere of "Heroes") and a few other good pint-size actors, the live-action movie offers many laughs and a high-energy story line.

Panettiere is a youngster about to enter middle school. On Labor Day weekend, when school is just around the corner, his sister fills him with horror stories about his new school, and he wishes the last day of summer would never end. And it almost doesn't. Panettiere gets stuck in the same day over and over and has to juggle and be creative to find his way out.

Blair Treu's direction is quickly paced, and Kent Pierce's teleplay is believable from a kid's point of view. With great production values, "Last Day" gives preteen angst a wacky workout with a winning story and characters.