Loren Cass



Locarno International Film Festival

Jonesing Pictures

LOCARNO, Switzerland -- Brash and crude, "Loren Cass" from young filmmaker Chris Fuller is a story about three aimless adolescents in the Florida city of St. Petersburg following race riots there in the mid-'90s. Episodic and sometimes incoherent, it is unlikely that the film, screened here in Filmmakers of the Present, will go much beyond the festival circuit.

Lewis Brogan, Travis Maynard and Kayla Tabish play the disaffected youngsters who act out their anger and lack of ambition on the murky streets of the troubled city. Many scenes hold the threat of violence, and there is enough on offer to crank up the tension. Brogan and Tabish offer the film's only vague effort at romance, while Maynard's character rages into meltdown.

Various narrators convey attitudes of disappointment and nihilism, though none of it is very convincing. Dialogue is sparse, the acting is minimalist, and the cinematography is often indistinct. A noisy soundtrack doesn't help.

Director/writer/editor: Chris Fuller
Producers: Frank Craft, Chris Fuller, Kayla Tabish
Executive producer: Owen Arcata
Director of photography: William Garcia
Music: Jimmy Morey
Nicole: Kayla Tabish
Jason: Travis Maynard
Cale: Lewis Brogan
Suicide kid: Jacob Reynolds
Punk kid: Mike Glausier
Fight kid: Din Thomas
Running time -- 83 minutes
No MPAA rating