More to Love -- TV Review

Jason Kempin/Getty Images
Eventually, Mike Fleiss will have made a reality show for every subgenre of the human animal.

He set in stone his formula of McMansions with pools, wall candles and copious tears with "The Bachelor/ette" series and has branched out to include (cough) old folks with "The Cougar" and those recapturing their glory days with "High School Reunion."

And for years, that formula has been channeled through the cathode-ray nipple to great ratings success. Ultimately, we like Fleiss shows because we can trust the pixilations of naughty bits and bleep-outs of swear words will be cut to a minimum. In the reality TV world, that's class, baby.

So when I say that his latest venture is a "Bachelor" for the skinny-challenged, it comes from a place of love, understanding -- and curiosity. Fox's "More to Love" brings more nontraditionally attractive women to the small screen than may have ever appeared there before, all hoping to earn the affections of similarly sized real estate developer Luke Conley. The pilot mimics a "Bachelor" show: the contestants meet-and-greet, there are drinks and bitchy remarks, and someone ends up in the pool. A symbolic object is handed over and/or rescinded to those who get to stay (here, a diamond ring).

All of this could have gone tacky in the wrong hands, and to Fleiss and his experienced gang's credit, it doesn't. Instead, "More" is half-reality-hookup show, half-Oprahesque tearfest. Only a true sociopath wouldn't empathize with women who say that they've never been in love, never had a second date and have all but given up expecting anything from men. This is a show with at least 25% more tears, 50% more hugging and 100% more long, flowing hair than any other, and it's moving.

That Conley is a 300-plus-pound guy comfortable in his own skin helps, as does his genuine affection for the larger ladies. And all of that makes this otherwise-routine Fleiss confection a notch or two more interesting. Equal parts empowering and exploitative, "More to Love" does offer more -- but of exactly what, I'm still trying to decide.

Airdate: 9-10 p.m. Tuesday, July 28 (Fox)
Production: Warner Horizon Television, Next Entertainment, 495 Prods.
Host: Emme
Executive producers: Mike Fleiss, Sally Ann Salsano, Martin Hilton
Creator: Mike Fleiss
Co-executive producer: Kevin Finn
Supervising producers: Mark Allen, Jason Cherella, Pam LaLima
Producer: Damon Epps
Director: Ken Fuchs
Production designer: Jake Leslie
Casting: Robyn Kass, Doron Ofir