Love's Unfolding Dream



9 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 15
Hallmark Channel

The Christmas season gets a mega-dose of corn with Hallmark Channel's new romantic drama "Love's Unfolding Dream" (yes, it's as sweet as its title suggests), a frothy piece of fiction set in the Old West. The story of a young feminist who wants a career instead of a family, the telecast is a slow-moving night at the movies and only for die-hard romantics.

If the story looks like an episode from "Little House on the Prairie," some of that might have to do with its co-writer, Michael Landon Jr., along with Cynthia Kelly. The values are strictly 19th century, to say the least: Children behave, they respect their elders, and citizens in town treat one another with respect. No 21st century angst here.

Our story's heroine (Scout Taylor Compton) wants to work in the medical profession instead of settling down to marry and raise a family. Then a stranger arrives in town who, when our heroine meets him, might upset her plan. Sparks fly, as they say.

Based on the book by Janette Oke, the story gets loving treatment from director Harvey Frost. But this is strictly formula with froth on top.