Married in America 2



9 p.m., Wednesday, May 23
Hallmark Channel

Five years ago, American couples who had just gotten married allowed themselves to become part of a documentary, "Married in America." They would be followed during what was supposed to be the happiest time of their lives. Now, director Michael Apted gives us a new docu on the couples, "Married in America 2," and we find out how life treats our subjects five years down the line. It's an eye-opening account of just how slices of life can be compelling viewing.

The couples in question come from different socioeconomic classes, different races (some are interracial marriages) and all in all are a good sampling of everyday people and lifestyles in the U.S. Some of our couples have made transitions and survived traumatic events; they're still together five years later. One or two of the couples haven't made it but have become wiser for their troubles.

Apted's camera is never intrusive but always intimately focused on the people in question. The docu can be sobering and feel depressing at times but is always clear and concise.